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The innovative leadership

Models of business and behavior to promote an innovative and creative culture

The innovative leadership Category: Skills and Competences
Type: Workshops and Seminars
Duration: Between 5 and 8 hours
Format: Classroom formatBlended formate-learningRapid format
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In order that an organization can innovate, various factors are required: a certain culture shared by all employees, a process that makes it easier and a strategy to guide and prioritize the use of resources. The most recommended way to get it is to have a leadership that promotes by itself  the style, culture and necessary efforts to align resources and strategies. A winning strategy is about driving innovation from the top of the organization. This self-learning module shows what leaders should do to create the change that is always implicit in innovation, stimulate enthusiasm in the organization to do new and challenging  things that help them to go further ahead and to make this philosophy reach  the whole organization.



  • To know what is the organisation leaders’ role in order to promote a different way of doing business
  • To understand the importance of inspiring innovation from the top
  • To identify the key skills to be an innovative leader
  • The objectives planned for this training module are to learn the different known practices to develop leadership that really inspires confidence and commitment throughout  the whole organization for a so strategic task nowadays  as it is innovation



  • The following competences for Innovation leadership will be developed:
    • To communicate the importance of innovation to the rest of the organization 
    • To show commitment to the natural barriers to innovation
    • To challenge established conventions
    • To inspire through leadership
  • In addition, to go deep through some examples and real case studies which illustrate this way of doing