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Protection, management and exploitation the intellectual and Industrial activity’s results

Management of Intellectual Property (IP), Protection of technology and enhancement in entrepreneurial projects

Protection, management and exploitation of the intellectual and Industrial activity's results Category: Methods and Tools
Type: Workshops and Seminars
Duration: Between 5 and 8 hours
Format: Classroom format
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The workshop aims to facilitate the professionals and companies’ activity results, introducing the concepts, tools and mechanisms that allow  to establish and prove the authorship "of the result" and also to decide how to exploit the mentioned results, specifying which rights we reserve, which we give and in what conditions: the right to use, copy, distribution, modification, among others. The basics concepts  to protect any result of the intellectual, industrial and commercial production are provided, as well as the legal mechanisms and guidance on how to use them in practice. It also explains  all the protection methods, but with a special focus on the protection of technology: new media creations, software licenses, results of collaborative R & D projects, among others. Although the formal protection methods are stressed, the informal methods of technology protection are also explained, relating them to the new business models of the digital products and services.



  • To share basics concepts about protection: Intellectual Property and Industrial Property
  • To introduce the tools and mechanisms to protect any result and technology above all
  • To show to the participants how various tools to protect the different aspects of the same product or result can be combined
  • To facilitate the development of a strategy to protect and enhance the results taking into account the cost-benefit balance as well as to provide orders of magnitude of the protection costs 
  • To provide documentation and useful resources to protect and exploit the intellectual and industrial production



  • To know all the tools and possibilities for the protection and exploitation of the existing results
  • To facilitate the design of protection and exploitation strategies about different aspects of each outcome, combining the most appropriate tools according to in each case.
  • To leave the emphasis on developing everything internally, to open outwards and collaborate with all types of partners
  • To increase the explotation capacity of the company’s activity results, making them fully profitable
  • Learning to work with others, protecting and setting appropriate basis for collaboration from the start, avoiding subsequent problems.