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To promote the innovative spirit in the company

Clip&Dip Category: Other formats
Type: Others
Duration: Monthly service, a minimum of 1 semester
Format: Blended formate-learningRapid format
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This Newsletter Service allows us to know Innovation’current situation, to get knowledge on a particular subject as well as to see various innovative practices and learn some of the latest innovative cases. In each Newsletter 10 news from relevant and notorious sources are collected (Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Expansion, Cico Días, La Vanguardia, Le Monde Diplomatique, Le Nouvel Observateur, BusinessWeek, FastCompany, New York Times, Harvard Business Review, Forbes ... ).



  • To know innovation’ current situation
  • To get knowledge about the innovation technique
  • To take example from innovative practices
  • To materialize innovation concepts in real cases



  • To select the most relevant innovative practices for your sector
  • To increase the capacity to devise innovations and accelerate its development within organizations
  • How people should behave during the creative dynamic and in innovation teams
  • To start shaping new behaviors and attitudes that help to ask oneself about “the status quo” positively, and to foster aninnovative culture