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Creativity in sales

Tools to extract all the creative potential from the sales function

Creativity in sales Category: Methods and Tools
Type: Workshops and Seminars
Duration: Between 5 and 8 hours
Format: Classroom formatBlended formate-learningRapid format
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The sales professional’s position is in perfect to understand what is happening in the market and their customers’ wishes. His daily work is an excellent platform to reach improvement opportunities, to get inspiration and propose new ways of doing,  so that his marketing activity becomes more effective and efficient. The commercial can guess where to find new ideas for the sale increse without losing sight of the customer.
In this self-learning module 5 scenaries arise,  for the commercial area professional’s inspiration. He will realize it’s not necessary to have  revolutionary ideas but just some little original contributions everyday that can help him to achieve his aims. This module also analyzes the multiplier effect  from these microideas when they are shared with his professional colleagues.



  • To understand the differences between the various types of innovation. Understanding  the creativity role in the innovation process
  • To learn how to generate micro-novelties from business responsibility 
  • To learn how to increase the value of these ideas by sharing them with other



  • The 5 sceneries of commercial work
  • Micro-novelty
  • How to increase small ideas value