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From the researcher to the customer

Keys and techniques for innovation to succeed in the market

From the researcher to the customer Category: Methods and Tools
Type: Workshops and Seminars
Duration: 15 hours structured in 1 day and a half
Format: Classroom format
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Technological research and development are the corporate activities with more prominence in companies’ messages and strategies. However, for its business competitiveness, innovation based on customers is a key success factor. But, ¿how is it done? ¿Which factors should be taken in account? ¿Are there any specific techniques? ¿In which step of the innovation process is customers’ participation more efficient? ¿How can we detect relevant customer opportunities? ¿How are ideas based on those detected opportunities generated? We will know which are the recommendations for that initiative to succeed and how must people behave in order to achieve the set up goals. A series of tools to help teams evaluating the set up ideas and projects properly and taking decisions about its implementation will also be shown.



  • Learn how to create new value proposals based on the customer
  • Know techniques to detect new opportunities from customers’ perspective
  • Contrast detected opportunities with those from the business world
  • Focus team creativity on market priorities
  • Understand the ideas/projects selection rules
  • The goals consist in going in deep on a series of tools which allow to evaluate all the ideas and project proposals presented by the organization, and make a professionalized decision about the necessary merits to implement them



  • Renew the vision of those markets where the company is addressed to and multiply the business development opportunities
  • See customers reality from their action perspective
  • How must people behave during the creative dynamic
  • Value the relative importance of projects with a proper factors’ deliberation