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Innovation Factory™ Institute with its own method of Innovation, is the first center of onsite, online and mixed training,  offering Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship courses for the development of skills, behaviors and professional competences.


Organizational culture, includes an organization’s experiences, beliefs and values, both personal and cultural. To encourage innovation it is essential to establish a flexible organizational culture which is open to creative proposals.



Skills and Competences

Competences are the individual’s underlying characteristic, that are causally related to some effective or high outputs in a work situation, defined in terms of innovation and creativity.



Methods and 

Set of techniques necessary to develop the innovation process in an organization. That is, identifying opportunities, creating ideas, selecting the best ones and turning them into profitable realities.



Other formats

Combining traditional training with experiential learning techniques, and group dynamics training based on learning games, to ensure comprehension and internalization of knowledge, and its implementation in the organization context.



Value motions for Innovation Factory™ Institute Nowadays,  due to the competitive market environment, companies need something more than availability of resources to survive and succeed. Qualified people are required in order to drive a change within organizations, to lead innovative projects, and with the necessary skills to transform the company’s forward-looking and focus, whenever that’s required.

That’s why  in Innovation Factory ™ Institute, we believe in people as the greatest asset in organizations. So, we focus on a solid training, offering courses, workshops and seminars based on each profile’, ensuring  this way,  the correct use of people’s innovative capacity in their respective organizations.
Experiential Learning Methodology Innovation Factory™ Institute In Innovation Factory ™, we advocate the plan 'experiential learning', under the premise that to innovate you have to enjoy. Through a broad portfolio you will develop in a dynamic, entertaining and creative way, your skills and behaviors necessary to create and promote an innovative culture . This internationally validated method is applicable to every organizational levels in a company, being therefore the best choice for training.