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Designing customers ‘experiences

A multidimensional view of marketing experiences

Designing customers ‘experiences Category: Methods and Tools
Type: Workshops and Seminars
Duration: Between 5 and 8 hours
Format: Classroom format
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The customers ‘experience is the interaction that occurs between an organization and a customer through the conscious and unconscious mind of the client. This is a blend of the rational actions of the organization, the stimulated senses and the emotions evocated and, intuitively measured against the clients ´expectations. However, the clients ‘experiences are not only rational but also subconscious by a 50%. Along this dynamic some experiences around clients’ ´products   or services will be designed in order to promote and develop creativity within an innovative and fun atmosphere trying to foster collaboration among the teams, teamwork and sense of entrepreneurial initiative through a real learning experience.



  • Training the audience with a fictional challenge, through a real learning experience team, to participate in a structured and intensive product innovation process in their companies
  • Provide some techniques than participants will be able to implement
  • Develop a proactive attitude within the team, helping them to optimize its potential to create and innovate
  • Develop the required criteria to select the appropriate tool
  • Understand the selection criteria of the ideas or projects
  • Have a variety of concepts likely to become  projects



  • Exploit creativity in order to find solutions
  • Implementation of the appropriate technique depending on the situation
  • Creative potential of the teams
  • The required tools to assess the screening of ideas
  • To assess the projects relative importance based on the appropriate weighting factors
    • Implementing the screening ideas tool