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Checklist idea generator

SCAMPER Category: Other formats
Type: Creative Techniques
Duration: 1,5 hours approximately
Format: Classroom format
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It has always been said 'seek and you’ll find'. So, following the same logic, ask yourself and you will find the solution. Given any challenge, the focus and accuracy of  the dealed issues  will determine the solution’s effectiveness.  So, question, investigate and find out what your customers want. With the help of the SCAMPER technique, a tool to systematize the questions to ask, you will go over all the innovation key factors. And you will realize that creativity and curiosity are two sides of the same coin.



  • To understand the use of a tool with great creative potential
  • To understand the importance of creativity in the solution search
  • To encourage creative thinking
  • To stimulate imagination through SCAMPER  process
  • To understand the technique’ benefits and learn to optimize it



  • To find out new ways to get solutions, more creative and innovative
  • To use creative techniques to face adversity
  • To ask oneself  about the potential solutions, finding a larger number of alternatives
  • To take advantage of the available tools and apply them in the professional field
  • To lead resolution to a problem through a technique