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Entrepreneurship from a practical standpoint

Strategies to learn creatively

Entrepreneurship from a practical standpoint Category: Methods and Tools
Type: Workshops and Seminars
Duration: Between 5 and 8 hours
Format: Classroom format
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Entrepreneurship is learnt including the initial stages and those relating to the negotiation with Business Angels (BA) and Risk Capital (RC), dealing with the way of preparing an entrepreneurial project from the idea to the completion stage or maturity. The creative and base technological entrepreneurship is stressed. Apart from the important themes that allow to "understand" the CR "industry" working with its rules from a practical standpoint, it provides information about the various funding sources that can be found, depending on the type of project. It also explains the current  alternatives Crowdfounding, in different sectors. It provides a realistic outlook about the funding opportunities available according to each project, also specifying actual data of submitted projects, compared to those who have got funding from various organizations.



  • To contribute to the participants’ training in entrepreneurship, sharing ideas and concepts for the entrepreneur. Mastering the specific terminology.
  • To know the rules about the working of the private funding BA and RC “industry”
  • To know the possibilities of financing for each project and learn to choose the appropriate in each case.
  • To provide documentation and resources to undertake efficiently still insatisfied needs and consider the most suitable methodologies to research it



  • To learn the working od the private investors industry, understanding its rules and adopting the right mindset.
  • To understand what is the process to seek private investment.
  • To learn how to select what kind of investor are more suitable according to my project’s maturity and needs.  In addition, going deep through exemples that illustrate this way of doing
  • To learn how to prepare the documentation and go through every step with greater chance of success in the search investment process