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Design the box

A visionary game

Design the box Category: Other formats
Type: Serious Innovation Games
Duration: 1,5 hours approximately
Format: Formación presencial
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In order to clarify the innovation outlook and range from the conceptualization to the idea purchase, we make the wrapping for the product to sell. We start deciding,  with the team, the information the box will contain. Then we make the box guessing where it will be sold and to whom it will be aimed, among other things. And finally, each team will have to sell the box to the other teams. So then, the team will submit the box with all its contained objectives and future in order to discuss  the idea as a group. At the end, the best boxes will be chosen and decided how to approach the project, keeping the boxes on a shelf like a good shared time memory.



  • To clarify innovation outlook
  • To develop a shared strategy
  • To open our mind to create something completely new
  • To visualize the project or product we’re dealing with
  • To share and develop an innovative concept in the team


  • To identify and develop an innovation outlook
  • To work together as a team
  • To share and discuss ideas to create a common project
  • To increase the capacity to devise innovations and accelerate development within organizations