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Project acceleration dynamics

How to speed setting up the project in the market

Summit Sectorial Category: Other formats
Type: Out of the box
Duration: Between 4 and 8 hours
Format: Classroom format
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As a project reaches its final stages of implementation, the complexity of its implementation is multiplied. When the moment of truth arrives, everything must work perfectly, from suppliers, areas of our company, and staging to clients. It is when many small problems appear, where each of these obstacles comes from one of the many remaining details for the project to be launched as a perfect manner. That is when the project leaders and their teams will need special support resources, dedication and implementation. This special support dynamic will result in the acceleration of setting up the project in the market.



  • Change regards the speed of the project
  • Anticipate obstacles and difficulties
  • Set new implementation strategies
  • Clear access to key resources
  • Refocus priorities
  • Redefine goals
  • Action Plan to speed up the Project


  • Increase the abilities to boost projects, as well as its development within the organizations
  • Encourage participants to look for speed and differentiation in projects
  • In order to achieve goals, anticipate obstacles and find ways to overcome them
  • Be able to be oriented towards achievement and quality
  • Promote projects based on its axes