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Effective search of funding for entrepreneurial R & D + i projects

Public funding options and techniques for its effective implementation in the current context

Effective search of funding for entrepreneurial R & D + i projects Category: Skills and Competences
Type: Workshops and Seminars
Duration: Between 5 and 8 hours
Format: Classroom format
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The workshop aims to provide concepts, resources and advice (based on the experience in proposal preparation and evaluation processes) about what to do and what not, in order to get funding for a project. It explains what resources help to find the latent lines, and the main programs of the exercise’s call, indicating the possibilities may change depending on the new plans, reorganizations and annual calls. It informs about what are the administrations’ objectives, prioritizing R & D + i to bring about a change in the competitive model and offers a realistic outlook about the process competitiveness, noting that "opportunistic" positions are not advisable. It  is also introduced the importance of managing innovation in a systematic manner and the possibility of access to tax deductions for R + D + i.



  • To share ideas and basic concepts, to focus properly the search of funding for " your projects."
  • To contribute to the participants’ training to get funding for R + D + I projects  effectively
  • To provide documentation and useful resources for the efficient search of  funding



  • The following competences will be developed:
    • Learning to search funding for R & D + I projects efficiently
    • To know the different sources of funding
    • To write up innovative proposals for funding attraction
    • To know the most usual mistakes to avoid
  • In addition,  to go deep through exemples and real case studies that illustrate this way of doing