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The Cover’s story

A dream, a reality

The Cover’s story Category: Other formats
Type: Serious Innovation Games
Duration: 1,5 hours approximately
Format: Formación presencial
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This is a game of pure imagination. The aim is to think expansively about a future state ideal for the company; it is an exercise to create outlook. Who has not ever wished that his company was so important enough as to appear in magazines? Who wouldn’ wish to be known for his projects’ success? Then, to achieve it, one must imagine it firstly. Divide the group into four to six people teams, and ask them for thinking about the article’s content, explaining how they have succeeded, some quotes ... A true chance to focus the innovation strategy and outlook.



  • To create business outlook
  • To find a future that may be impossible before the game
  • To think expansively about an future state ideal for the company
  • To stress the company’s strengths 
  • To make the group be joined toward an outlook
  • To uncovering the company’s full potential


  • Think in style,  uncovering this way the company’s full potential 
  • To use imagination in its purest state
  • To create fictitious and ideal situations for the company
  • To design the business outlook
  • To uncover the company’s strengths