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Training in different formats

In Innovation Factory™Institute we know that every organization has different needs and different resources available. That's why our training offer is created through different formats and modalities which allow us the adaptation to the diversity of demand, as far as possible. Most of our contents is available in four different formats:

  • Classroom Training
  • Classroom training:

    In Innovation Factory™Institute we believe that the best way to learn is through the experience and practical knowledge. That's why we offer the opportunity to learn through the immersion in creativity and innovative workshops. The key to this learning model is the interaction between our professionals and students, relegating to background, this way, the purely theoretical part. It is about instilling knowledge and tools through workshops and lively activities.

  • Training mixed or blended
  • Mixed or blended training:

    It tries to group the digital and onsite training's benefits. So then, on the one hand you learn through the experience and practical knowledge and, on the other hand, these practical and theoretical knowledge is taught in our virtual classroom platform available on our website, so that everyone has the flexibility to learn at any time. As for the practical cases, they are carried out through workshops animated by our professional team, achieving a balance between the experience of this practical activity and the own work.

  • E-learning
  • E-learning:

    It takes place through Innovation Factory™Institute's virtual platform. The student has the flexibility to make progress according to his needs and availability. In addition, in this method, the student has the continued support of a virtual tutor who can clarify some concepts as well as advise him during the learning experience.

  • Rapid - self-training
  • Rapid:

    En Innovation Factory™Institute we have a virtual platform where participants can access the modules in an autonomous and flexible way. This learning model is based on the autonomy given to the students since they can access the contents whenever they wish. It consists of self-learning modules of short duration that, in spite of not being directly assisted by a tutor, each module has a number of additional resources that will enable the participant to go further on a specific topic, as well as a set of practical exercises and cases to test his knowledge.