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Creative Management of the Start-Ups

Skills development for a successful business development

Creative Management of the Start-Ups Category: Skills and Competences
Type: Workshops and Seminars
Duration: Between 5 and 8 hours
Format: Classroom formatBlended formate-learningRapid format
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The main objective is to get the essential skills to be a successful entrepreneur. This requires having an outlook directed torward market, and we must learn to identify the consumers’ needs in order to turn them into business concepts. As part of the development and management of a Start-Up, creative proposals  are necessary to attract the resources required to its operation. Finally, since risk is an inherent component of this business model, it is learned  to manage risk intelligently.



  • To get key skills to be an entrepreneur
  • To understand the market’s behavior
  • Being able to attract resources creatively
  • To manage risks intelligently



  • To develop the following skills for entrepreneurship:
    • To learn a good entrepreneur’s key skills
    • Learning to identify market opportunities
    • Learning to manage and organize a company
  • In addition, to go deep through some examples and real case studies which illustrate this way of doing.