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Creativity in the classroom

Learning to exploit the students’ creative potential

Creativity in the classroom Category: Methods and Tools
Type: Workshops and Seminars
Duration: 8 hours
Format: Classroom format
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Creativity is the key asset for the future of businesses, organizations, schools, because it is based on people, on their knowledge and ability to imagine what is different. Our schools, our classrooms, especially in modern times, are required to have the ability to be and look unique. And everything which is unique has always a common source:  creativity, and its power to create what others can not even see or imagine.
In this seminar-workshop we will study creativity in depth and how to put it into practice,  exploiting this way, its full potential when it comes to create ideas in our professional environment.



  • To understand the mental barriers to creativity as a first step to overcome them
  • To practice the main techniques of creativity
  • To select those most appropriate techniques to your teaching reality
  • To manage the creative cycle to extract the maximum productivity from students
  • To design a creative plan for the classroom



  • It explores different creative techniques for stimulating and creating ideas chosen among more than 100 as the most applicable in the business world 
  • The principles of the creativity’s working
  • The implementation of the techniques in specific situations
  • The creative cycle and its implications for the management of dynamic
  • Multiplication of creative potential through teams