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Our objective at Innovation FactoryInstitute is to provide a different and eficient training proposal, to implement or improve the innovation process within organizations. Nowadays, innovation is a key factor for organizations success, which must fight day after day in their adaptation to the constantly changing environment.

The Innovation Factory ™ plan, based on its technology 'experiential learning', allows participants to embark on a training journey that will promote self-discovery and the improvement of creativity in each one of them.

Along with this unique methodology, we have a broad and comprehensive portfolio that makes Innovation Factory™ Institute become the best choice for the development of individual skills, behaviors and competencies of managers and employees of a Firm. This methodology is valid for all the profiles in the organization, enabling the creation of an innovative culture in the company. The company gets a more open and flexible mentality that allows not only a greater creativity but also a better adaptation to the changing environment.

Our whole training proposal is built around the belief that it’s people who make the projects come true. That is why we advocate a comprehensive training for all participants, contributing this way to their professional and personal progress. At the same time, throughout this process, the company gets an inspirational change in its organizational culture, taking it gradually closer to the age of innovation.

Internationally validated 1 method: XX ISPIM Conference 'The Future of Innovation', Vienna (Austria); EIEC 2009, European Conference on Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Antwerp (Belgium); 2nd ISPIM Symposium. Innovation Symposium: Stimulating. Recovery - The Role of Innovation Management, New York (USA); ESME 2009, Athens (Greece); XXI ISPIM Conference 'The Dynamics of Innovation', Bilbao (Spain); ECIE 2010, 5th European Conference on Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Athens (Greece); XXII ISPIM Conference 'Sustainability in Innovation', Hamburg (Germany), XXIV ISPIM Conference "Innovating in Global Markets: Challenges for Sustainable Growth" Helsinki (Finland)


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