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The XXI century’s company

Challenges and new strategies 

The XXI century's company Category: Methods and Tools
Type: Workshops and Seminars
Duration: Between 5 and 8 hours
Format: Classroom formatBlended formate-learningRapid format
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The future company concept was born because of the necessity to face new markets and competitors challenges.  The environment is constantly changing and it causes the necessity for companies to adapt themselves, by making some changes, in order to succeed. This is why this module will explain the challenges that companies would have to face this century, the new strategies that companies should implement and how innovation is related to all this issues.



  • Be aware of the organization design importance
  • Be able to understand the new strategic changes for the XXI century
  • Be able to compare XX century’s companies with XXI century’s companies
  • Know the organizational challenges
  • Understand how a company has to be to avoid failing in the future



  • Be aware of the organization design importance
  • Understand the challenges that should be overcome in the XXI century
  • Decide which kind of strategy should your company select 
  • Face the markets, products and competitors differences
  • Reorganize the organizational structure
  • Relate this change with innovation