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Dynamics of focusing and taking off transverse projects

Reschedule and organization of innovation programs

Summit Sectorial Category: Other formats
Type: Out of the box
Duration: Between 4 and 8 hours
Format: Classroom format
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Corporations and large companies that are committed to innovation have, a priori, a significant disadvantage compared to small companies and start ups: less flexibility and less organizational agility. This has a direct impact on slowing the implementation of new projects because it is not a simple coordination to experience some initial results and then learn and adjust the operative details of the project. Moreover, this disadvantage is aggravated when innovation projects affect across multiple areas and departments. Innovative projects require new transverse needs. Using coordination and synchronization methodologies helps to solve the efficiency of managing across permanently.



  • Share and focus the ‘priority axis of the project’ and assure its implementation
  • Visualize the whole transverse organizational challenge
  • Declare supports and leadership
  • Implementation of  new managerial concepts
  • Breakdown responsibilities
  • Design the milestones’ roadmap
  • Schedule an across action


  • Increase the abilities to boost projects, as well as its development in the organization
  • Encourage participants to search for mainstreaming in projects
  • Collaborate in an active way with partners, allowing the exploration of new perspectives
  • Share and focus the axis of the project in order to assure its implementation