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Innovation in SMEs

Why and how to innovate in an SME

Innovation in SMEs Category: Methods and Tools
Type: Workshops and Seminars
Duration: Between 5 and 8 hours
Format: Classroom format
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Innovation can be more than spending on research and development. Companies also need to develop conducive and organizational conditions that generate an innovative effort. Thus, innovation is a systematic effort that requires the existence of appropriate processes and tools for their development. Throughout this course, different types of existing business innovation will be explained for SMEs. In addition, a number of tools that will allow finding opportunities where others do not find will be exposed. Finally, some creative techniques that will generate new concepts within an innovation process will be explained.



  • To understand innovation to compete globally in business, alignment with the company strategy and organizational implications
  • To know the possible types of innovation within the company (product, marketing, organization)
  • Understanding how creative thinking works and what tools can be used
  • The mechanisms of leadership, sponsorship and promotion of Innovation
  • Discuss openly about the implications of an innovative culture in the company itself
  • To contrast with business success stories
  • Provide businesses with tools and content on how to innovate in their business, how to face new business models innovating internally, which steps have to be followed, etc..



  • Reach of consensus on the concept of innovation in the company in a dynamic and interactive way
  • Areas of opportunity for innovation within enterprises beyond the innovation in products and services
    • Blue Ocean; value curve
  • Techniques for the generation of new concepts within an innovation process
    • Brainwritting; Opportunity Circle
  • Individual skills of an innovation team