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The speedboat

A game to find out what holds you back

The speedboat Category: Other formats
Type: Serious Innovation Games
Duration: 1,5 hours approximately
Format: Formación presencial
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Everyone knows that the truth hurts, so when one needs to listen to it, it’s better to do it in a playful way, with a metaphor that relieves bitterness. So then, the speedboat lets you search what you need to improve, without destroying  your self. An opportunity for ego to listen to suggestions. The speedboat represents the project for which we fight and the amphoras are the obstacles we find.



  • To know what are the brakes to our project since by delimiting them, we will be able to solve them through other games
  • To know what project’s features are not understood, or are not attractive to the stakeholders’ eyes
  • To find out what the stakeholders exactly want from the project
  • Learning to listen to the others’ complaints so that the project can grow


  • To observe and and listen to the stakeholders to understand what aspects are needed of improvement in an innovative project
  • To accept constructive criticism so that the project can grows without stopping
  • To understand the concerns about a project
  • To see what are the project’s weaknesses to the stakeholders’ eyes