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Collaborative Creativity

Creating partnerships for brainstorming and innovation

Collaborative Creativity Category: Organizational Culture
Type: Workshops and Seminars
Duration: Between 5 and 8 hours
Format: Classroom formatBlended formate-learningRapid format
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Traditionally organizations have considered exploiting its potential for creation and innovation from inside and using their own resources. The most paradigmatic examples are found in the industrial sector where, many years ago, research and development departments and / or new products and services departments powerfully emerged, where  all professionals in the Organization who could work in this kind of tasks used to get joined. Today, it is an open and interconnected world, working only with internal staff is inefficient. It’s necessary to be open to another kind of talent and let it collaborate with us. To break down those barriers that don’t allow  knowledge to be shared and  make room to cross knowledge and ideas, is one of the major challenges in managing innovation. This module helps you to find a variety of different ways to overcome these barriers, be quick exchanging information and ideas and learn to share the work in order to be more efficient.



  • To know the mechanisms that make collaboration be easier, the exchange of ideas and the knowledge of the company outside
  • To understand the creativity’s role in the innovation process
  • To Learn some tactics to implement a paradigm of collaborative innovation in the company
  • The objectives consist of  learning from the different experiences and practices so that our organizations can collaborate with other external agents, whether they are suppliers agents, consumers or any other participants in our production or service chain.



  • To collaborate and extract the best benefits from this effort
  •  To analyze the best practices developed by leaders
  •  To leave he emphasis on developing everything internally, opening outwards and getting used to work with all types of   partners
  • To increase the capacity to devise innovations and accelerate its development within organizations