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Mental maps

Graphic techniques that allow us to access the brain’s potential

Mental maps Category: Other formats
Type: Creative Techniques
Duration: 1,5 hours approximately
Format: Classroom format
Print file in PDF



Creativity in all its splendour is influenced by numerous  factors. The work environment, stress level and the ability to think beyond the conventional matters, are some of them. However, there are techniques that fight against the possible  adversity in the environment , facing  the received infformation. One of the main warriors in this tough battle, is the mental maps technique. This tool will allow a better development of the strategy, as well as will guide the individuals’ creativity to their destination.



  • To learn what mental maps are and how they work
  • To subtract the full potential from mental maps to use it later in real case studies
  • To encourage creativity from an innovative perspective
  • To learn how to structure a mental map, how to start and develop it



  • To understand what the mental maps are and how the brain works
  • To develop creativity through mental maps
  • To take the most from your ideas’ potential
  • To innovate through one of the techniques most used by creativity
  • To create a good environment for the  optimization of the technique
  • To know the best software to use for the development of the mental maps