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The Fishbowl

Observe, listen and you will understand

The Fishbowl Category: Other formats
Type: Serious Innovation Games
Duration: 1,5 hours approximately
Format: Formación presencial
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The fishbowl game is an effective way to grab attention and to apply our natural abilities to listen and observe, so that a meaningful dialogue can be maintained. In order to create two distinct groups among the speakers, who will engage in a short debate, and the observers who will evaluate their contributions; chairs are placed to form two concentric circles. The two group are given the observation pattern so that they can know what the observers will have to evaluate and what will be evaluated from the speakers, but only the first ones can take notes on it. So then, during the fifteen- minute debate,  the observers should sharpen their senses to capture every communicative nuance,  preparing this way their minds for the real discussion given at the end of the game.



  • To sharpen the ability to listen and observe
  • To prepare the groundwork for the discussion required by an absolute concentration
  • To facilitate communication between the group
  • To create an environment for discussion and an development of an outlook


  • To observe and listen in order to communicate more effectively
  • To start seeing the others’ unconscious reactions in the communication, thanks to the observation
  • To prepare the suitable groundwork for discussion
  • To create a shared business outlook