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The tower of bottles

Developing creativity through the team

The tower of bottles Category: Other formats
Type: Serious Innovation Games
Duration: 1,5 hours approximately
Format: Formación presencial
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To build a very high tower lets you reach the top, but this it is not an easy task because it requires teamwork, concentration, skill and strategy. What would you do with a rope and a bottle? Would you be able to turn it into a tower? You only need to let your imagination fly, think differently and implement strategies to face the challenges  arisen in your path. So then, through a funny and enjoyable game the skills for teamwork will be developed.



  • To develop teamwork and strategic thinking
  • To learn how to plan a project with a specific timming
  • Learning to delegate tasks to co-workers
  • To create synergies


  • To develop the teamwork skill and creativity
  • Learning to collaborate when it comes to innovate and be creative
  • To overcome challenges through lateral thinking
  • To face any organizational challenge with imagination