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Summit Sectorial

Guided experience of awareness, reflection, creativity and innovation

Summit Sectorial Category: Other formats
Type: Out of the box
Duration: Between 5 and 8 hours
Format: Classroom format
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The Summit Sectorial is a working formula (event) that allows the professionals’ awareness of the improvement and innovation possibilities in their activities, it facilitates the reflective development  of different problems and helps in finding new opportunities, in a specific framework through various stimuli related to their business’ volume. In turn, it allows to manage a space for collaboration and action proposals, around the various issues or opportunities that may arise. In the same way, it establishes a professional environment specific to the characteristics and ways of being, of the companies dedicted to tourism.



  • To  share the sector’s situation. Knowing initiatives from other Communities and Countries
  • To encourage the participants to search for differentiation and excellence
  • To allow the reflection about the most relevant issues
  • To share workspaces to find synergies of collaboration
  • To be up to the minute in the business’ most important aspects 
  • To promote dialogue and joint reflection; to experience a new relational format; to promote initiative


  • To outline a strategic reflection about the sector’s situation and the whole value chain
  • To collaborate actively with all the stakeholders in the value chain, allowing to explore new business opportunities and innovation options
  • To establish an active and fruitful dialogue with all the stakeholders , that let creativity and understanding flow
  • To seek insitently for perfection and excellence in the sector to get innovation and success
  • To share knowledge, information and ideas with other skateholdres in the value chain