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Lotus diagram

Giving a boost to creativity and innovation through innovative techniques

Lotus diagram Category: Other formats
Type: Creative Techniques
Duration: 1,5 hours approximately
Format: Classroom format
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A pond, peace and nature are some of the evocations  that characterize the Lotus flower. Indeed, creativity requires calm and time to find out the new solutions emerged by deepening the first idea. So, in this module we show the Lotus flower tool, which will let you activate your imagination through a visual diagram to register the relationship between a central concept  and the associated subconcepts.



  • To develop analytical thinking
  • To encourage creative thinking
  • To find out how new innovative solutions may arise from an idea
  • To find a new approach to solve problems creatively
  • To decompose a problem into sub problems and find new alternatives



  • To focus thinking on a limited number of key results
  • To develop creativity
  • To promote the emergence of innovative and creative ideas
  • To come to innovation through basic guidelines