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Organizational culture

The organizational culture includes the personal and cultural experiences, believes and values of a company. To encourage the innovation is essential to establish an organizational culture flexible and open to creative proposals that allow the company to adapt and move forward to the future.

Methods and Tools

Every company talks about the organizational culture trying to explain experiences, beliefs and values that define business processes and goals, to create an optimal environment for performance. However, as any intangible value, it is not easy to achieve. Therefore, we offer a whole range of methods and tools to facilitate the channeling of all entrepreneurial efforts toward the path of innovation.

Skills and Competences

The competences are the specific skills that characterize and define an individual as a persona. With work and effort skills can be developed , enabling thus, the enhancement and the improvement of the performance of the company as a whole in terms of innovation and creativity.

Other formats

The combination of traditional training with experimental learning techniques, facilitate the articulation of group dynamics based in training games which assure the comprehension and interiorization of the exposed knowledge. Its implementation will be in the organization context to clearly visualize the company’s aims.