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Practical inmersion to innovation from workplace

Innovation and creativity from the company’s base

Practical inmersion to innovation from workplace Category: Skills and Competences
Type: Skills Development
Duration: 2 full days
Format: Classroom format
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When we talk about innovation, many people usually misinterpret it as something typical of marketing staff, sales or even managers. However, innovation is a concept related to each of us, regardless of the kind of job. This program represents a dynamic immersion into innovation in order to prove that it is concept up to everyone, regardless of the influence area. It teaches then to develop creative thinking using simple techniques, and showing at the same time, a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.



  • To conduct a practical immersion in the Innovation culture
  • To extract all the creative potential from the participants
  • To get used to the working methodology and apply creative techniques to solve problem
  • To make it is known the behavioral assumptions for the successful implementation of creative and innovative techniques , individual and group
  • To train the participants through a team learning experience in order to give a boost to the creative spirit in all members of the organization



  • To conduct an immersion into the Innovation culture
  • To work together to encourage the creation of innovative ideas
  • To watch problems through different lenses, shaping,  this way, the creative self
  • To start shaping new behaviors and attitudes that help to question oneself the “status quo” positively and to promote an innovative culture