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Learning Forum: the Forum of Learning

Workshop of focused creativity

Learning Forum: the Forum of Learning Category: Other formats
Type: Out of the box
Duration: Between 5 and 8 hours
Format: Classroom format
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This panel discussion format dynamic aims to detect the participants’ main concerns  in order to identify solutions through the covered contents, later. Different from other dynamic, learning forum is characterized by placing  contents in the center, and the panel is placed around them. So, it is a reverse dynamic, where firstly the problem affecting the participants are arisen,  through working groups, next the contents are set out and finally, the initial problems are solved setting them against the forum’s contents . All this allows the identification of creative and innovative solutions taking as its starting point the treated subject’s contents. The forum can deal with 4 different themes that aim to give a response to  the companies’ main concerns : innovative leadership; to innovate and compete by cooperating; innovation applied to sales and, finally, innovators, innovative companies. Each forum will focus on one of this topics



  • To make the  professionals of an organization live a Creativity and Innovation dynamics, active and challenging 
  • To detect the concerns that managers most worry about, at present
  • To implement some tools for idea generation and that allow to face the arisen problems
  • To promote the participants’ dialogue, participation and teamwork , to encourage the creation of synergies when it comes to propose creative and innovative solutions based on the treated topics.


  • To enhace the teamwork’s skills:
    • Rational and logical argument to persuade the others
    • To share information to achieve the objectives
    • To understand the others’ needs and cultivate positive relationships
  • How should people behave during a learning forum
  • To assimilate concepts through group dynamics
  • To increase the capacity to devise innovative solutions to organizations’ everyday problems