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Customer’s opinion is important

Tools for testing new products and services

Customer's opinion is important Category: Methods and Tools
Type: Workshops and Seminars
Duration: Between 5 and 8 hours
Format: Classroom formatBlended formate-learningRapid format
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Many ideas are never launched to market and they end up becoming failures in case of reaching it. Some of them because were not really viable but many others because the proper procedure to satisfy client  hasn’t been followed. To learn all the key test steps that must be followed so that the idea turns into a product or service able to operate in the market, may be the key to success in launching a new product to market. Every day many company’s employees have got plenty of ideas more or less successful. By understanding and applying the necessary methodology to turn these ideas into products or services appreciated by the potential consumer and with a clear market opportunity, their success in the market acceptance will be easier.  All this requires being open to change since the idea will be constantly modified and improved through multiple iterations.



  • To know  the more suitable tools for a proper test of concepts and products prior to market launch
  • To understand the importance of customer’s opinion in the innovation process
  • To understand the critical criteria in the process of prototyping
  • The ultimate objective is to show the key test steps to be followed so that the idea turns into a product or service able to operate in the market



  • In order to take the transformation of the idea to the market, the following tests of new products and services should be implemented: Concept test; Product use test; Market Test
  • Through the real cases about companies it can be easily observed how useful the application of these tests may be