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Two teams of Harvard Business School wins the contest of ideas to design the future of elBullifoundation. (La Vanguardia)

Two teams of Harvard Business School, Duende and Team A, have shared the first prize from the contest 'Ideas for Transformation "organized by Telefónica and Ferran Adrià to design the future of elBullifoundation.

The Team A proposes technologies such as bioluminescence, the use of ultraviolet images, visual spectra, socio-emotional designs and multisensoriality.

In addition, it presents an entire economic-financial viability plan and of revenue sources to ensure the sustainability of elBullifoundation as well as a technology support program of  Telefónica to boost its image of leadership and innovation. 

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Here there arrive the 'intrapreneurs'  (Expansión)

If you have in mind an idea that can improve the products or services offered by the company where you work and you have the initiative needed to set it up, you meet the basic requirements for being an 'intrapreneur'. This is the new kind of professional all organizations desire and whose development encourage, as this is the type of entrepreneur that drives change from within the company and yield economic profit to the company.

This practice is increasingly common in Spanish companies, because they have realized that allowing employees to use their talent is a healthy way of undertaking in which everyone wins: the organizations leverage the potential of its workforce to achieve an impulse that will make the organization’s workforce give the best of themselves.

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Advertising changes its strategy to approach a fed up public (La Vanguardia)

With the crisis, companies faced a clear distrust and alienation from their consumers. Citizens, hurt with the world, started looking for an only price, forgetting all the value that a mark could give. However, the best creative found the clue. The message had distanced from the consumer. Common people wanted to be, at least for a while, the protagonist of his own story. People wanted to believe in a better world again. That’s why, taking inspiration from one of the man’s most basic needs, faith in the future, the best companies have been able to do improvements in their advertising.

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To keep customers and employees happy is possible (Financial Times)

A company may have a large base of clients. But who do they belong to? : to the company or to the employees that the clients have interacted with? In short, the dilemma employees-customers does not have a concrete solution. The only certain thing is that we must keep satisfied both parties to ensure the company’s future.

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