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First division managers (El País)

It's easy that an sports manager moves to the corporate world, as he has already assumed the team values, the importance of keeping the strategies and how to care for employees. The sports manager can transmit faster and better all these values, since he is the sport essence. In short, a senior executive must feel so much passion for his business as an athlete for his t-shirt. At the same time, he must defend his company position till his last breath, and get to carry it until Olympus through innovation and creativity.

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AT & T helps its internal leaders to motivate the sense of commitment in its employees through "Social Brainstorming" (Forbes)

Ideas emerge from the crowd, some of them surprise and succeed, others surprise and fail. But the point is that there is a motivation to create ideas, an interest in modifying and improving reality, going out of our limitations, this way.

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Consumers’ revenge is served in social networks (La Vanguardia)

Consumers have never been so powerful. They have accessible tools through which they can  express satisfaction and compliance, but also anger, annoyance or frustration. That’s why social networks are becoming a means of research to understand better the customer.

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Shazam turns love for music into cash (El Mundo)

Sometimes ideas come out from passions, interests and ultimately, from hobbies. To enjoy music and want to recognize the songs’ name to share them,  was what led the Shazam’s creators to the simple idea of creating an application for smartphones, initial idea that thanks to a business case, has become one of the most innovative concept in the last years.

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